About us

MYDESKS.RO is the web application of creative and free people. People who like to discover new places and who choose to work in spaces developed by local entrepreneurs. Whether we're talking about cafes, restaurants, pubs or bars, we provide you with a new office every day, no matter where you live..

What do we offer?

Ingredients for creativity

Studies show that people who work remote are more creative. The explanation is simple: the environment in which you work can increase inspiration and productivity. With mydesks.ro you just need to put your laptop in your backpack and search the map for a restaurant or cafe near you. Go to the place you choose, use the code received by email, without previous reservation, and enjoy the best office and coffee from the house.


Why have a fixed office, when you can have an office anywhere? With mydesks.ro membership you can work every day from anywhere you want, without leaving too far from home. That way you save more time for your projects.

Everyone's platform

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or working in a company, mydesks.ro is the web application that you can use every day, when you feel the need to change your office or when you want to have a meeting in an unconventional place. There is no need for a previous reservation or discussions with the place, everything is settled through mydesks.ro.


The subscription on mydesks.ro includes coffee from the house, table with socket and internet. In addition, you can work as many hours as you want, from where you want.


You want your location to appear in mydesks portfolio?